Birth Control Methods

There are A LOT of birth control options out there.

Choosing one all just depends on your preferences. To narrow down on a method, you can look into factors such as the effect it may have on your period, hormones vs no hormones, how it’s applied to your body, maintenance, or how and where to get it.

Luckily, if you try one out and end up deciding it’s not working for you, you can switch and try a different one!

Check out our brochures about each method. You can also compare all the different types of methods at Bedsider, or take this quiz from The Lowdown.

Ready to take the next step?

Whether you know which birth control method you’d like or you’re still deciding, you can talk to a medical professional to help you out. Learn how to make an appointment and check out our Trust Her Clinic Finder to find a clinic near you where you may be able to get low cost or free birth control.

Prepare by creating your Action Plan

You can use this action plan as a guide for reflecting on what methods you’re considering, questions you still have, as well as guidance on making an appointment and getting your parent’s consent (if you’re under 18).
Front cover of "My Action Plan" which features an illustration of a young woman with contraceptives around her.