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What birth control method is right for me?
Download our brochures to learn about the different birth control methods, and find out which one may be right for you based on your preferences.  

Create Your Action Plan

Find out how to make an appointment, what you’ll need, and what to expect so you’re fully prepared and in control.

Front cover of "My Action Plan" which features an illustration of a young woman with contraceptives around her.

More questions?

Schedule a free virtual counseling session with our Contraceptive Counselor, Courtni, for more guidance.

Let’s get the facts straight, together.

Check out the answers to our most commonly asked questions about birth control and much more.

Not sure how to talk to your parents about birth control?

If you’re under 18 in Dallas, Texas you will need your parent’s consent to get birth control. If you’re on your parent’s insurance, you may also be wondering how to go about having the conversation about birth control with them. Don’t worry, we’ve got some tips!

Illustration of a young teen woman and a mom on the computer, around some birth control options.


Ready to take the next step? Here’s some websites that will help you get the birth control method that’s right for you.

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