Parent Guide

Dear parents of teens,

Learn how to talk to your teen about their sexual health.

We created a guide for parents that want to start empowering their teens with the resources and tools but may not know where to start.
Learn how to talk about: 

Sexual Health, Boundaries, and Birth Control

This is our first draft of this Parents Guide. We’re working to improve it and we’d love to get your feedback on it! 
Parent’s Night
Learn how to empower your teen with the right knowledge about sex, healthy boundaries, pregnancy prevention and the other health benefits of birth control. To be scheduled near you! Let us know if you’re interested in attending a Parent’s Night.

Why are we doing this?

We believe it’s important for teens to have access to the resources they need for their sexual and reproductive health. Part of that is helping create open and healthy communication with their parents.

Who’s organizing these sessions? 

We’re a team made up of members from Trust Her. Trust Her is a resource for young people in Dallas navigating questions about sexual health and birth control. We are a team of trained counselors that provide safe and trustworthy information to teens and parents and connect them to reproductive health services.