Expanding Access Points

How Trust Her is expanding where and when women can get access to birth control

Quality contraceptive services must be easily accessible to all women and teens. Trust Her supports innovative family planning delivery systems that offer broader access points to meet the needs of women’s lives—in the hospital, on college campuses, at teen clinics, mobile clinics, and more.

Nationally, 52% of mobile health clinics served vulnerable communities such as the underinsured, immigrants and individuals of color.

Getting to community health clinics can be difficult in areas with limited public transportation.

Mobile healthcare is proven to increase access to clinical services for individuals. Trust Her works with our clinic partners to design workflow systems that allow women to access a full range of contraceptive methods on mobile vans.

In Dallas County, nearly one in five births to teens is not a first baby, but a second or greater number birth.

Solving the challenge of repeat teen pregnancy requires improving access to birth control that meets the unique needs of teens.

Trust Her and our partners work to create teen-friendly family planning clinics, incubate clinic models that integrate directly with school campuses, and support modernized processes that work around a student’s schedule.

Same-day access matters: Up to 50% of clients will not return for the second visit required to get an IUD or implant.

Same-day access to the birth control method of one’s choice is paramount to women’s health and family planning.

We ensure our clinic partners are fully stocked on-site with all contraceptive methods, from condoms and birth control pills to long-acting reversible methods like implants and IUDs. Women do not need to go to the pharmacy to get their method of choice; they walk out with it that day.

66% of women did not receive the birth control they wanted, or a prescription for it, at their first postpartum visit.

Intervals of fewer than 18 months between pregnancies are associated with a higher risk of preterm birth and related complications.

Trust Her supports healthy birth spacing with expanded access to contraception immediately postpartum in the hospital setting. Providing workflow and billing/coding support, Trust Her works to increase the availability of long-acting reversible contraception (LARC) following delivery but before hospital discharge. This American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) best practice is only available at one Dallas County hospital today.