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Trust Her provides access to all forms of contraception.

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How can I get free birth control in Dallas?

Visit a Trust Her Access Clinic, where providers can help you:

  • Enroll in programs like Medicaid and Healthy Texas Women that cover 100% of the cost of birth control.
  • Receive a sliding fee discount, where you pay a lower cost for care based on your income.
  • Get free birth control from Trust Her, if you’re eligible.

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Find out more about different birth control methods, and check out our guides for teens and parents!


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Women report that contraception helps them achieve their goals for education, financial stability, career growth, and family success.

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Today, 1.8 million Texas women of childbearing age cannot afford birth control.

It can take a Texas woman 7 months or more to obtain her contraceptive of choice.
Low-income women of color are more likely to report challenges obtaining their birth control method of choice.